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I have two suggestions that might possibly help you. One is a book, and one is a supplement. The book, IT'S TIME TO WAKE UP, was written by Andreas Moritz , who has a forum here at CureZone. I have great respect for Andreas. He devotes five pages in the book (pp. 141-146) to eye exercises. Fortunately, my vision is excellent, so I haven't needed to do them. But I did read through them, and they struck me as more comprehensive than the Bate's exercises. The supplement I use is Vision Advantage, which was formulated by Doctor David Williams, one of the most respected alternative health physicians. His company is Mountain Home Nutritionals. I've been using Vision Advantage for 3 years, and my 64 year-old eyes are better than they've ever been. Doctor Williams' website is: www.drdavidwilliamscatalog.com The phone # is 1-800-888-1415 I think you should also consider doing some internal cleanses: colon, liver, and kidneys. Most health problems are a result of toxins and obstructions in the intestinal tract; problems which manifest themselves in different ways in different people. CureZone is a very good place to learn about intestinal cleanses. I will keep you in my prayers. Blessings, Owen

yes, I'm the same Owen who found a way to heal his floaters and flashes.

My vision is now back to 20/20. I can see better than at any other time in my life. When I was around 13, I got my first pair of glasses. Every half-dozen years or so, I had to have the prescription strengthened. By my late 50's, I was wearing glasses for reading, driving, just about everything. Now, at 63, I only use the glasses for reading small print. I don't need them for driving or general living. I sat under a palm tree this morning (waiting for some work to be done on my old car), and read 75 pages of a terrific book by Swami Rama, sans eyeglasses.

My intuition tells me there are at least four reasons for my improved vision: One, I've been taking Doctor David Williams' "Vision Advantage" for about 3 years. I take two of those big, purple capsules in the morning, and two more at night. I also take two of his bilberry tablets, as well as his daily multiple, "Daily Advantage."

Second, I watch no TV. Nada. None. I gave it up about 5 years ago. So my eyes aren't subjected to the bewildering images that change every second, and force your eyes to refocus constantly. TV is toxic; not only the relentlessly negative content, but the vision-destroying welter of garish colors and super-quick cuts.

Third, about a year ago, I upped my daily dose of vitamin C to 14,000 mg per day. My vision was improving before that, but I know in my heart that the increased amount of vitamin C has helped my eyes. Can I prove it? No, I can't. But I'm a big believer in trusting my intuition.

And fourth, I've refined my eating regimen. Basically, I eat the same foods every day, just like most other animal species do. My friends can't understand that. "Don't you get BORED with the same foods and drinks, Owen?" The answer is "no." Indeed, I look forward with relish (pun intended) to my daily diet. I know it's right for me. I'll vary a few fruits in season, but 95 percent of the menu stays the same.

The Bates Exercises are good. I did them about 20 years ago, but didn't stick with them. These days, I stick with things; at least the good things.

Do you take any supplements specifically for your eyes? If not, my first suggestion is that you begin doing so immediately. Your eyes are very dry because they're not getting the nutrients they need to function normally.

There are lots of good vision supplements out there. My two favorites, both of which I use, are Vision Advantage, by Mountain Home Nutritionals (I take it in the morning), and Vision Optimizer by Jarrow (I take it at night). Both formulas contain a wealth of vitamins and nutrients that your eyes need. Since I began using Vision Advantage plus bilberry three years ago, my 65 year-old eyes have returned to 20/20. I'm enjoying the best vision of my life at this moment.

Call Mountain Home Nutritions at 1-800-888-1415 to order Vision Advantage. I buy the Jarrow formula, Vision Optimizer, from Swanson Vitamins. 90 capsules sell for $14.97. That's a very low price for that product. Swanson's number is 1-800-437-4148> it's product # R1 JRO49.

Good supplements will help your dry eyes, but so will good food and drinks. Most young people are badly dehydrated from drinking lots of soda pop, booze, and coffee. Dehydration has a very negative effect on every cell in your body, including those in your eyes. When you drink a can of beer, your body needs THREE CANS of water to rehydrate itself. You should be drinking at least 2 to 3 quarts of pure water every day. My choice is home-distilled water. Whatever you do, DON'T drink tap water!

I also suggest you go to your local health food store, and buy a container of organic miso. It's in the dairy section, and comes in a cottage cheese-like container. Miso is an Asian, fermented food that contains, among other things, lots of hyaluronic acid. That sounds scary, but hyaluronic acid is a nutrient made by every cell in your body. But as we get older, the body stops making enough of it to keep us healthy. Your eyes need ample amounts of hyaluronic acid, and
so do your joints and connective tissue. I eat a tablepoon of miso every other day. In your place, I would eat it every day. Since I began eating miso several years ago, the floaters and flashes that once bothered me, have disappeared. A container costs around $4.00, and should last you a month.

Our eyes seem to have a special need for lots of vitamin A and vitamin E. Even if you opt for one of the supplements I suggested, I would take some supplemental vitamin E. It's good for every cell in your body.

Last, if you're not a vegetarian, think seriously of becoming one. Our bodies love living food -- and they need it. Living food has energy. Dead and processed food has little or no energy. If you change your eating regimen you'll enjoy the rest of your life in excellent health. Sounds over-simple, but it's the truth. At 50, you'll say, "Thank GOD I became a vegetarian years ago!"

Last thought: I strongly recommend that you begin taking at least 3,000 to 6,000 mg of vitamin C every day. I take 14,000 mg every day, and my immune system uses it to keep me healthy. So will yours.

If anything I said resonated with you, consider giving it a try. Stay away from the eye-drops and pharmaceuticals, which only treat symptoms, and usually have seriously negative side-effects.

Don't let yourself get down and depressed, You're going to emerge form this ordeal, a stronger, smarter, and much healthier person. Listen to your Inner Voice, your deep intuition, and follow its advice. It will never betray you.