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Eye Floaters & Flashes

You can and will heal this condition if you stick to natural foods and products. Avoid pharamaceuticals like the plague they are, as well as the white-coated loonies who prescribe them. Do some cleanses, eat lots of living food, drink plenty of distilled water, turn off the TV forever, and trust your intuition about specific foods and supplements. Drink fresh juice every day. Eat lots of greens and other brightly colored veggies. Rub your fingers gently over your eyes, and tell them you want them to heal. Ask them to tell your intuition what it is you need to do -- or need to stop -- so that they can heal. Eventually, you'll hear or feel a glint of a response: a thought that comes out of the blue that you really need to STOP doing some common activity, stop eating or drinking some specific foods or drinks, begin using certain supplements or eating certain foods. That will be the Deva of your Soul, your deep intuition, clueing you in about what you need to do. Be confident that you're going to
heal. And be disciplined. You've got the Right Stuff to put yourself on the Healing Path.

Resources & Suggestions that helped me banish eye floaters:

If you're lucky enough to live near a Whole Foods Market, go to the dairy section, and buy a 14 oz container of Cold Mountain Miso. The container is identical to that which holds cottage cheese. They call it Hawaiian Style Mild Miso. I buy two flavors: Mellow White and Red. I eat a tablespoon of each on alternate days. I like the taste, and look forward to it. Chances are your health food store can order it, if they don't already stock it. Ask the manager.

Cold Mountain's address is:

Miyako Oriental Foods, Inc.
4287 Puente Ave
Baldwin Park, CAL 91706
Their toll-free # is 1-877-788-MISO

My floaters and flashes have never returned, thank God,
I still take an Injuv capsule every morning upon awakening. And I eat a spoonful of organic miso at mid-day. It's delicious. I don't know for sure that miso and the Injuv banished my floaters and flashes, but I plan to stick with them. Those flashes were scary. My floaters and flashes have never returned, thank God, and I give this miso much of the credit.

I buy my Injuv from the Vitamin Shoppe. It's product # VS-1878. Their order line is 1-800-223-1216. The web is: www.vitaminshoppe.com
You can buy Hyaluronic Acid in other products. Synthovial 7 is popular and widely available.

Taro root is also a good natural source of HA. Tough to find unless you have an Asian market nearby.

I also suggest you consider taking Vision Advantage capsules. They're forumulated by Doctor David Williams, a man I trust implicitly. I think it's the best eye supplement available anywhere. I take two big purple capsules in the morning, and two more at night. They're sold by Dr. William's company, Mountain Home Nutritionals. I also take Bilberry tablets that are sold by Dr. David Williams, the same man who sells the Vision Advantage capsules which I value so highly. His online address is: drdavidwilliamscatalog.com However, his Vision Advantage packets also contain 150 mg of bilberry.