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Early Puberty

Children all over America are suffering from precocious puberty because of all the hormones and chemicals in our food and drinks.

100 years ago, girls reached puberty at age 16 or 17. Today, it's more like an average of 10 or 11, with lots of little girls who are 8 or 9 becoming "young women." There isn't as much data on boys.

All meat and all dairy products are loaded with hormones. The farmers want their animals to grow faster and bigger, so that their flesh and their milk can be marketed ASAP.

If strongly suggest that you put your child on a vegan eating-regimen for at least two months. No meat, no dairy, no processed foods, no bottled soft-drinks, and no hydrogenated oils. Substitute Virgin olive oil, or Virgin Coconut Oil (Tropical Traditions) Just give them fresh juices, lots of distilled water, clean fruits and veggies, simple cooked foods like rice, a first-rate multiple vitamin, lots of vitamin C, in the form of sodium ascorbate powder, and a few green superfoods like Greens+ or Dr. Schulze 's Superfood.

Do that for a minimum of two months, and see if their symptoms regress. If the child also takes a walk every day, gets some sunshine every day (without sunscreen or sunglasses), and gets to bed early each night, I think the early maturity will come to a halt.