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Chelating Aluminum, Mercury & Heavy Metals
w/ Cilantro, Chlorella, & Mung Beans

There are simple ways to chelate (flush) aluminum from your body. Chlorella, an algae supplement, is wonderful for removing all heavy metals.Chlorella, according to Doctor Joseph Mercola and others, has a real talent for binding with heavy metals, and flushing them from the body. Chlorella is an algae, like spirulina. The best chlorella grows in freshwater lakes like Klamath Lake in Oregon. Lakes in the remote islands of Japan are also top-notch sources of pure chlorella, as well as Chinese mountain lakes near the border of Nepal. I've been using chlorella daily for more than 20 years, and I'm in perfect health.

I take at least two superfoods that contain chlorella every day of my life. Pure Synergy uses chlorella from Klamath Lake. Greens+ uses Japanese Chlorella. Ron Teeguarden of Dragon Herbs uses Chinese chlorella in his superb superfood, Tonic Alchemy. And Dr. Jon Barron has opted to put chlorella in his brand-new superfood. Dr. Joseph Mercola's chlorella capsules come from lakes on the out-islands of Japan.

Cilantro, a green herb, according to Doctors David Williams and Jon Barron, binds with mercury, and removes it from your body
Consider making and eating the cilantro pesto, whose recipe is in my article "Heavy Metals Begone, Cilantro Pestro Recipe. I firmly believe that cilantro and chlorella, the algae, will help you, as they helped me. I eat a spoonful of the pesto every morning -- together with a clove of raw garlic. But try it straight before you go that route. It tastes much better than it looks. Four times a year, I eat an ounce or so of raw cilantro, every day for 2 weeks. I just add it to my nightly salad. Delicious! And I know it helps flush out the heavy metals.

I'd never heard of algin, but I've been eating brown seaweeds daily for many years. I alternate kombu kelp, alaria, nori, wakame, and Agar-Agar (which is a white crystal). I knew the kelp was good for me, but I didn't know about its ability to bind up all kinds of toxic horrors. The top three seaweeds at removing radioactive and toxic metal wastes, are Agar-Agar, Hijike, and Arame. I eat Agar-Agar and Dulse flakes every day. How? I add them to my nightly salad. That's easy to do with the Agar-Agar and Dulse flakes. But you'll need a scissors to dice up the harder, brown seaweeds into tiny bits. You can also make soups with the seaweeds, if you'd prefer to eat them that way. Go to the best health food store in your area. It will have a small section with packaged seaweeds. The most popular items are Dulse flakes, Wakame, Kombu Kelp, Alaria, and Nori. Those five are all dark in color. Agar-Agar is white flakes, and usually costs a bit more. The store manager could order Hijike and Arame if they don't currently stock it.

Mung bean sprouts are also good at removing metals. If you want to learn about sprouting, read my article about my method of growing perfect sprouts. Mung bean sprouts, are particularly effective in removing lead. I grow my own sprouts in my living room. Very easy and lots of fun.

Eat an apple EVERY day. Apple pectin helps chelate heavy metals. You also want to drink LOTS of water, preferably distlled. Keep an inland sea inside you. All by itself, pure water will flush all kinds of toxins out of your body. I drink about a gallon every day.

Here's something else you can do every morning; a suggestion that comes from Andreas Moritz::
First thing in the morning, swish a tablespoon of sesame oil around in your mouth for 4 minutes. Try not to swallow it. Work it around your mouth vigorously. After 4 minutes, spit it out. Get it all out. Then rinse your mouth and brush your teeth. The sesame oil pulls toxins out of your mouth and your bloodstream. Andreas says it's a wonderful way to cleanse your body of whatever toxins have been given off in the night. If you spit the oil into a clear glass, you'll see that it has turned whitish and nasty. Give that a try some morning.

Stay upbeat and positive. The best is yet to be.

A few suggestions from my chelated and contented self: Do drink LOTS of distilled water, especially in the early days of healing. If you don't already say affirmations in the morning, make time (10 minutes is fine) to do so. Create some of your OWN positive affirmations that have to do with the amalgam extractions (if this is why you are chelating ) and/or chelation of metals.. Make sure they're in the present tense. Example: "My body is flushing out all of the mercury, heavy metals, aluminum, lead, and toxins, that caused me problems in years past."

Consider buying a rebounder, if you don't already have one.

Your body is going to gleefully heal itself, when the foreign poisons are gone. Don't doubt that for a moment. Talk to your mouth and your teeth (!) and tell them how grateful you are to them for surviving during the bad years. Tell your gums and teeth that they're going to THRIVE this year. Turn that into a little mantra that you say at odd moments of the day.

If any of that resonates with you, give it a try. Good Luck on your healing quest!

Be At Peace,


Suggested Suppliers:

Here are two sources for Klamath Lake blue-green algae. I've used them both.


The only place you can buy Pure Synergy (to my knowledge) is from their HQ in Moab, Utah. The order number is 1-800-723-0277.Lovely people!
Marshall May, a well-known healer, started the company. His own healing story -- two shattered legs, and all kinds of serious injuries -- is an inspiration. Marshall once
lived for two years on nothing but Pure Synergy. It is a complete food.

Ron Teeguarden of Dragon Herbs, uses Chinese Chlorella in his superfood, Tonic Alchemy

Dr. Joseph Mercola's chlorella capsules come from lakes on the out-islands of Japan. As I recall, he sells 100 capsules of chlorella for about $20.00