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Autism Linked to Antibiotic for Child Ear Infections

Every parent knows that ear infections are common in very young children. When her toddler comes down with a nasty ear infection, most mothers take their child to a pediatrician. Invariably, the doctor prescribes antibiotics -- most often Augmentin, one of the most widely prescribed drugs for children.

In his June, 2005 newsletter, ALTERNATIVES, Doctor David Williams, one of the superstars of alternative health therapy, cites a recent study which involved 206 children under the age of 3, all of whom had been diagosed as autistic.

Doctor Williams "that not only did the autistic children have a higher number of ear infections than other children, they also received an average of 12 courses of antibiotics -- with Augmentin accounting for about one-third."

Doctor Williams adds that, "One of the problems is that large amounts of urea/ ammonia are used in the manufacturing of Augmentin. And ammonia has been shown to injure the intestines, brains, and nervous systems of small children -- even in small amounts."

So if your toddler comes down with an ear infection, and you opt for antibiotics, don't let your doctor give the child Augmentin. You don't want to put your child at risk for developmental disorders like autism.

My advice is to stay far away from all antibiotics. There are safer ways to treat just about any illness or condition. And most of the natural methods are considerably less expensive than antibiotics.