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I had my Amalgam fillings removed three years ago. But I've still got a lot of metal in my mouth, including a bridge and several gold crowns. I use foods and supplements to detox my body of heavy metals. I make a cilantro-pesto that is delicious, and eat a spoonful of it every morning. Cilantro, according to Doctors David Williams and Jon Barron, binds with mercury, and removes it from your body. I also eat spoonfuls of several green superfoods that contain, among many other ingredients, chlorella. Chlorella, according to Doctor Joseph Mercola and others, has a real talent for binding with heavy metals, and flushing them from the body.

I also eat an apple EVERY day. Apple pectin helps chelate heavy metals. So do mung bean sprouts, which are particularly effective in removing lead. I grow my own sprouts. Very easy and lots of fun.

You also want to drink LOTS of water, preferably distlled. Keep an inland sea inside you. All by itself, pure water will flush all kinds of toxins out of your body. I drink about a gallon every day. If any of that resonates with you,give it a try. Good Luck!

I have my mercury Amalgam fillings removed during a two-month period. That seemed to work out well for me. It was a hassle to keep going back to the dentist, but I didn't feel sick. My intuition tells me I might well have become ill if I'd have them all removed in one marathon dental ordeal.

My advice would be to break up the extractions into at least two sessions. Yes, do the cleanses during the entire process. Begin eating cilantro and chlorella today: Buy yourself some bentonite clay and begin taking cleansing baths (magnetic clay bath).

I'd also take LOTS of vitamin C. You also want to be taking a GOOD daily, multiple vitamin. I take Daily Advantage from Mountain Home Nutritionals, the company of Doctor David Williams.

Three years ago, When I had nine mercury- amalgam fillings removed. My dentist put composite resin fillings in their place. They've given me absolutely no trouble. Composite is a very hard plastic resin, that contains silicon dioxide. Up until about 5 years ago, composite fillings didn't last long at all. But now they're good for at least 7 years, and probably a lot longer.

When I had my mercury-amalgam fillings removed, I didn't suffer any toxic withdrawal symptoms. I'm sure that's because I was taking 8 to 10 grams a day of Vitamin C, and had been doing so for 25 years.

According to Doctor Thomas Levy, "both acute and chronic exposures to mercury can be effectively treated with Vitamin C, and typically, most of the damage from such poisonings can be prevented and/or promptly repaired." That quote and the longer one that follows, comes from Doctor Levy's wonderful book, VITAMIN C, INFECTIOUS DISEASES, & TOXINS.

If you're planning to have your amalgam fillings removed in the near-future, or have already done so, I hope you'll pay particular attention to the next passage from Doctor Levy's book (page 280).

"Huggins and Levy (1999) repeatedly observed the ability of vitamin C infusions ranging from 35,000 to 50,000 mg, to lessen and often completely block any of the acute toxic effects of mercury when Amalgam fillings were being removed. However, lower doses of infused vitamin C would occasionally allow some symptoms of acute mercury toxicity to emerge. The higher doses of vitamin C appeared to be essential for complete protection during the actual drilling on an
amalgam filling, which enormously increases the amount of mercury vapor in and around the patient's mouth. When the vitamin C infusion was started before the dental work, maintained during the dental work, and continued for a time following the dental work, even the sickest of patients often ended up feeling better than when the dental work was started. This was in spite of the additional acute mercury exposure faced, and the unavoidable trauma of the dental work itself."

I didn't have vitamin C infusions when my Amalgams were removed, because I didn't know about them in 2002. Luckily for me, my immune system was full of vitamin C from my daily dosages over several decades.

So if you're healthy, you may be able to get by as I did by taking large doses of vitamin C orally. If you're NOT healthy, then you should seriously consider some vitamin C infusions during the time when the fillings are removed.