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Alzheimer's Disease Linked To Aluminum

Most of you have heard of the connection between aluminum and Alzheimer's Disease (AD). If not, let me quote from THE ENCYCLOPEIDA OF NATURAL MEDICINE, by Doctors Joseph Pizzorno & Michael Murray:

"Those with Alzheimer's Disease have significantly higher aluminum levels in their brains than either normal people or patients with other types of dementia, such as from alcohol, atherosclerosis, or stroke. There is a great deal of circumstantial evidence linking chronic aluminum exposure to AD."

Or this passage from John Heinerman's ENCCLOPEDIA OF FRUITS & VEGETABLES: "A growing body of medical evidence links aluminum with this horribly progressive destruction of the brain (AD) which causes severe memory loss, extreme personality changes, and the inability to care for one's self."

Scientists still aren't sure whether the aluminum concentrations in the brains of AD victims are responses to the disease, or, in fact, initiate the disease. But until that final determination is made, I urge the wise among you to eliminate aluminum from your kitchen and pantry.

And this isn't an easy task. Why? Because a surprising number of food and bathroom products contain significant amounts of aluminum. Not to mention the waer coming out of your tap.

I'm going to tell you some products which contain aluminum. But first, let's start with the obvious suspects.

About four years ago, I threw away all my aluminum and Teflon cookware. That included a kettle for boiling water, several pots and pans, my beloved popcorn popper, and the tray in my toaster oven. I also threw out the aluminum foil. There are alternatives: among them, ceramic teapots for heating water, and, of course, high quality stainless steel.

Here's John Heinerman again: "Your chances of getting AD later in life can be drastically reduced by not using aluminum pots and pans, not cooking acidic vegetables like tomatoes or cabbage in fluoridated tap water in any aluminum cookware."

I'll come back to the tap water. But first, here's a list of some food and bathroom products that contain aluminum. I verified all these by reading labels at my local supermarket.

Baking powder -- contains aluminum phosphate. According to John Heinerman, "Regular commerical baking powder may contain 7 to 11
percent pure aluminum."

Corn Meal Mix -- the first bag I picked up contained an aluminum compound.

Deodorants & Anti-Perspirants -- The first three I picked up contained 19 percent aluminum zirconium.

Self-Rising Flour -- contains sodium aluminum phosphate.

Acne Creme -- aluminum silicate.

Cake Mixes -- some of them contain sodium aluminum phosphate.

Additionally, John Heinerman says aluminum can be found in baby food, processed cheese, buffered aspirin, antacids, non-dairy creamers, table salt , and hemmorrhoid preparations. I hope some of you will check out those products.

Back to the tap water: A quote from Dr. Pizzorno: "The most significant source of aluminum is probably drinking water, as the aluminum in water is a more bioavailable and thus potentially toxic form...The frightening news is that aluminum in water not only occurs naturally, but is is also added in the form of alum to some water supplies."

I'm sure that very few of you drink tap water. But don't cook with it, either. Buy distilled water. Better yet, get yourself a small distiller and distill your own water. I've had a Waterwise 9000 distiller for 5 years, and I love it!

Perhaps someday aluminum will be pronounced innocent as a cause of Alzheimer's Disease. More likely, research scientists will find the smoking gun that connects aluminum to AD. Either way, a prudent person needs to be on guard. READ LABELS CAREFULLY! If it goes IN or ON your body, read the label!

Alzheimer's Disease is an unmitigated horror. If something in this long post resonates with you, I hope you'll trust your intuition and act on it.

Final thought: If you'd like to flush out the aluminum that is already in your body, read my article entitled Heavy Metals Begone! Eat Cilantro Every Day. I wish you all long life and radiant health.


Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus mimic Alzheimer's and IS CUREABLE!

There are about 4 million people in America who suffer from Alzheimer's Disease. That total is expected to at least double in the next 25 years.

There are very few among us who don't know someone who has Alzheimer's. Indeed, most of us know more than one person who has died of it.

So the information I'm going to share with you may have a profoundly beneficial effect on someone who is near and dear to you

In his June, 2005, newsletter, Doctor David Williams reports that there is a condition which mimics most of the symptoms of Alzheimer's, but is CURABLE. The condition, known as NPH (normal pressure hydrocephalus) causes spinal fluid buildup in the brain. This pressure causes neurological prolems almost identical to Alzheimer's Disease: mild memory loss, incontinence, a feeling that one's feet are "glued" to the floor, and a shuffle while walking. In its latter stages, NPH can lead to severe memory loss and mental confusion.

Doctor Williams estimates that as many as 375,000 Americans who have been diagnosed with Alzheimer's are suffering, in fact, from NPH, which is curable. NPH can be treated successfully by draining the extra fluid surrounding the brain. NPH can be detected through the use of brain scans or spinal taps.

If any of this information resonates with you, I hope you'll share it with the families of your friends who have been diagnosed with Alzheimer's Disease. Please give us feedback at curezone if someone close to you, discovers that he or she has NPH and not Alzheimer's.

Another note: Lyme disease mimics Alzheimer's as well.