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IV Infusion Clinics

The Haimes Clinic in Boca Raton, Florida, gives vitamins intravenously and intra-muscularly. I've been there for colonics,
but never for vitamin drips. However, I asked Beverly, my contact there, how one would go about finding similar clinics in other parts of the USA. I hoped there might be an online organization.

Alas, she said there was no such organization. So here's what I would do.

I would go to the Help Desk at my library, and ask them if they know of vitamin clinics. Librarians get all kinds of questions.

I would also call the Health Editor at your local or regional newspaper, and ask him or her for help. Hint that you might have a good story for the editor, after you find the clinic.

You could also call the best chiropractor or ND doctor in your area. Call a bunch of them. One of them probably knows of a clinic in your area.

Last, you might try a Search on your computer. Type in "Clinics that give vitamin infusions," and see what you come up with.