Sufi Hazrat Inayat Khan Affirmation


The Sufis are the mystical branch of Islam. Very few Amerians had ever heard of Sufis, until the early 1900's, when Hazrat Inayat Khan,
a fine musician and enlightened mystic, came to America to teach.

Hazrat wrote a handful of books that are, for me, among the very best books ever written about mysticism and the quest for enlightenment. I heartily recommend: THE MYSTICISM OF SOUND AND MUSIC, THE HEART OF SUFISM, and THE SOUL'S JOURNEY.
Hazrat Inayat Khan was a gifted writer, who saw deeply into human existence, as well as all the other planes of being.

The following affirmation comes from


Grant me, Lord, Thy wisdom, joy, and peace.
Guide me to the purpose for which I was born onto this Earth.
Bless my life with every bliss.
Help my life to fulfill its purpose.
Balance my life, that I may know and act aright.
Open my heart, that Thy spirit it may reflect.
Give me, Lord, Thy divine influence,
which I may spread among my dear ones.
O Spirit of Guidance, throw Thy divine light on my path.
My life is changing and taking a better turn.
My mind is still, my thought is steady,
my sight is keen, my life is balanced.
Harmonize my soul, Lord, with all people and with all conditions.
My body is healed, my mind is fortified,
and my soul is illuminated by the grace of God.
Fortify my heart. Give me a new life and new inspiration,
that I may see in life Thy divine inspiration.
Make my heart Thy divine temple.