Affirmations Introduction

I believe that well-chosen words, repeated daily, can be just as effective in keeping you healthy as nutritious foods and supplements.
Why? Because bodies listen! Your spouse and children may not listen to you, but your body does. Tell it negative things, and your body will deteriorate. Tell it positive things, and it will flower. I suggest you read affirmations aloud. Say them and mean them! I prefer saying affirmations aloud because I want my body to hear them.
But you can also say them quietly in your mind, like a mantra. If any resonate with you, add them to your own list. Trust me! Your body and mind will thank you.

At the beginning of each day, I say aloud both the healthy and the spiritual affirmations. The former are food for my body, and the latter are nourishment for my soul and mind. I say my affirmations early in the morning, right after meditation. I have so many of them, that I say additional groups on one day, and the others on the next day. Most of the affirmations were culled from my reading, but some of them are my own. I keep my affirmations in a thin, three-ring binder that sits by my couch. It's fun to add affirmations. I strongly recommend that you try to incorporate some affirmations into your life. You won't be sorry.

You should create a few affirmations that address your particular problems. Perhaps something like this:

"My immune system has found a way to cleanse my face of the toxins that cause my acne."

"I do not eat any foods which cause my body to produce acne."

"When I eat or drink something which causes my face to break out, my intuition will "tingle", and I'll know to avoid that food or drink."

If you have other issues, address them in much the same way. Not that your body WILL begin cleansing, but that your body is already cleansing. Keep it in the present tense; your body is already doing it. That's very important.

I have noticed positive changes in myself since I began reading my collection of prayers and affirmations each morning. At 63, I'm in radiant good heath. All 75 trillion cells seems to be on the same page. And emotionally, I am Deeply Contented. Life has never been better. I wouldn't trade places with anyone -- including myself at a younger age. There is nothing on my wish-list.

With each day that passes, I become more convinced that saying good affirmations each day is vitally important to the health of your body, mind, and spirit. Bodies DO listen to what you tell them. And so does your soul. Our minds listen, too, though they tend to be a bit devious about affirmations which instruct them to ignore the soap-opera which they so dearly cherish. Human minds are cantankerous, ornery critters -- at least mine is -- and it needs daily reminding that my mind's real job is to work for the greater good of my entire being.
In time, you can come to an agreement with your mind. Praise it for all the good things it does for you. Mind soaks up compliments like a sponge.

Slowly but surely, these affirmations are helping me to spiritually ripen. I hope they have the same ripening effect on some of you.